The Handmade Holiday Home Guide

Every year I love to create a warm, inviting home for the holidays. I would prefer shopping with handmade artisans over a department store. While those stores have beautiful goods, I'm more interested in investing my money in people. And, having something made by a gifted artisan is to be cherished for years to come. I believe these are the heirlooms of our future. I believe these are the things our children will want to keep and share with their children. 

I've taken the time to curate a fabulous collection of handmade goods specifically for your home decorating over the holiday. I follow all of these artisans on Instagram and chosen something that gives me all the holiday tingles! 

Over the next few weeks, I'm hoping to have two additional gift guides of fashion and wearables, then one of my favorite things. Unfortunately, I'm not Oprah, so I won't be able to gift you my favorite things! 

Each image below includes a link to the Handmade shop showcased.

Happy Shopping!